Monday, 25 March 2013

Doubts - Re Matt/Kishan/Nrip 's Discussion on PDFs

1. What details will be there in the header page of PDF that was published?
2. What kind of flexibility is to be given to the user for this header page?
3. What is the formatting going to be like?
4. If we are using fixed formatting for the header and if rest of the pages has different formatting, fonts etc, what should happen?
5. What going to be in footer?
6. What are the options available in footer for user?


  1. Lets first try to understand Template Management in DocControl
    1) Template Management implies - A group of users can upload specific templates in the folder. These templates may be word doc, excel or some other docs which contains standards like TOC, Version number, author etc.
    2) Add Document: When user adds a document, he will get 2 choices.
    - Choice A : Create document using existing templates - In this option user will get list of templates. User can select one of the template to create the document.
    - Choice B : Upload the document
    - Every document should have document number, author, version, name.

    Whenever user checkout dodument, he will get original copy
    Whenever user downloads pdf file, system will add bookmark or front page which shows the information - either it finished or inreview.
    with author, version number, document name .

  2. 1:
    Header Page:
    Document Title:
    Document No:
    Version No:
    Date Approved (Effective Date):
    Document Owner:
    Document Approver: (Note, there may be multiple approvers)
    Copy Expiry Date (Sometimes companies wanted printed documents to expire after a fixed period of time. e.g 7 days)

    (2): Flexibility: It would be nice to be able to check or uncheck these features to include in the header. As long as the formatting is clean, there is no need for user customization (Although the ability to select a format template would be nice)

    Text in a table is fine. Clean and functional.

    4: Not sure of the question

    5: Footer on each page should be optional and should have the ability to include any of the header fields, and also confidentiality statement. (sentance of user defined text)

    6: Options for footer should be ability to check or uncheck any of the above fields. 1 or 2 line of text at bottom of page should be sufficient.

    I have placed some example SOP's with headers in dropbox.



    1. Who is Document Owner going to be? One who originally created document, one who last checked in, or all those that are added as an owner from the system?

  3. Q 4. If we are using fixed formatting for the header and if rest of the pages has different formatting, fonts etc, what should happen?

    What this means is if we have a word document, which probably is using the Times New Roman Font everywhere... and we append a Front page to the exported PDF which is in the Font Arial ... Will that be fine?

  4. I personally think that a single pre-defined font will be fine as it is likely that a large organization will have several document types (word, excel, images, pdf file etc). Its unlikely all of these documents will be in the same font. Always been a Times New Roman fan myself :) :) :)

    However, pls see point 2, in regards to the ability to apply a formatting template to the header page :) Even if the ability to define the formatting through a template isn't present in the first software iteration, we should plan for its future implementation.

    1. If we allow user to select header fields in footer, won't that make footer too big?

    2. No... the footer has to have a fixed size... and a maximum of 2 fields ... 1 optional static text, and 1 optional variable text

    3. Can you tell me what these static and variable text will be?

    4. A static text will be filled in as text, and a variable text can be entered as one from a list of pre defined codes ..e.g's {organization_name} or {author_name} or {date_of_approval} or {user_name}

      pre defined codes will be provided by you and can be 1 or more codes for items which the software will already know of

    5. How the input from the user should be taken? We give checkboxes to select variables or some other way? How position of texts/variable should be decided?

    6. Provide a text area for the user to fill in the footer content...he can use pre defined codes as mentioned above {organization_name} to create a dynamic variable to be used in the footer

      Position of text and variables is as he enters it in the footer.

  5. formatting of a template WILL NOT be present in this version of DocControl.. for that matter, any editing of a document within the application will not be supported in this version of DocControl...

    If we look at document editing in a future version, then that should be the only motive of that version...else we will be over promising from that version.

    P.S. generation of pdf, adding property tags to the document, and adding defined first page DO NOT constitute as document edits

  6. Agreed. No need for online formatting of a document or document template. In terms of ability to select a template, I'm talking about the potential to choose from a couple of defined formats (first page templates) for the first defined page, not the ability to edit the document or document template itself online. This isn't a first version feature, but the future functionality should be considered when devising the software architecture. Think of it as a skin for the defined first page :)