Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Front Page Requirements

Front page requirements:

The data requirements for the  front page of the SOP is a combination of organization information to identify the document, Document information, and potentially a watermark. Please see examples of SOP's sent to Kishan

Organization Information:
Organization Name:
Organization Address:
Organization Logo:

Document Group: (Version 2)
Document Group Name
Document Group Logo
Document Group Front Page Template

Document Information Required:
Document Title:
Document No:
Version No:
Date Approved (Effective Date):
Document Owner:
Document Approver: (Note, there may be multiple approvers). Is it possible to put name and signatures of the approvers?
Copy Expiry Date

Version 1: The user can select from a small list of pre-defined fron page templates. The company name and logo will appear on the front page, as per the template definition. The document information will also be formatted according to the template definition.

Version 2: The concept of document groups having the ability to select a template and logo for all document s within that group is that some companies have subdivisions with different names etc. Therfore, while they may want to keep a single document tree, they may want subgroups of that tree to have different names and logo's on the front page of the SOP to identify that division etc.
An extreme example would be General Electric...    They have hundreds of companies within the organization, each with their own name, logo etc.

Thoughts, comments, criticisms welcome :)


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